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To keep data ‘clean’ and up to date on the application we need to ensure records are regularly updated and for leads this means that they are marked as qualified or disqualified
Before you qualify the lead you need to have the source of funds confirmed as you will be prompted to select to complete the conversion. This is also a mandatory requirement for the ensuing opportunity.
Please use notes and attachments to record additional and relevant information to this decision.

By the end of this section you will know the steps to take to qualify a lead
Step by Step
Click onin the navigation bar2​​
Click into the search field or use a view to identify the lead you want3​​
Open the lead ​4​

On the top menu bar click on the icon that says Qualify ​5​
Click to say you are qualifying the lead​6​
Tick to create an opportunity7​

In the Potential Customer field search for the donor Account. This is a mandatory field and if this is needed to proceed. This can be changed at a later date. ​8​​
Click to open the ‘newly created records’​9​​
Click on ok   
The lead is now closed and becomes read only and the opportunity is created with the lead information carried across. You will need to manually copy across any attachments to the opportunity although, there is a link to the lead from the opportunity.
What to try now?
ReOpen a lead
 Route Back
Dynamics Home >05 = Leads >Qualify a lead “

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