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Within the lead you can (after you have saved) click to follow it. This will allow you to get updates of what happens to the lead direct to ‘your wall’.
The wall also allows you to ‘chat / discuss’ the lead with your colleagues. If you are using outlook you can identify colleagues in a message by typing the @ sign followed by their surname. They will then get this message on their wall irrespective of whether they were following this lead or not.
By the end of this section you will be able to open a lead, follow it and know where to enter your comments
 Step by Step
Click on leads in the navigation bar ​2​​
Click into the search field or use a view to identify the lead you want ​3​​
Open the lead ​4​

On the left hand side of the lead screen, click to open the record wall ​5​

Click on the follow button (below your picture) to follow this lead ​6​

In the wall section you can type your comments on the lead ​  

What to try now?
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