What is Micro Office Huddle?

We created Micro Office Huddle to be a place for micro businesses and individuals to meet, come together, and exchange information about all things technology. By setting out to establish a community where users are able to collaborate and communicate, we were able to learn new skills and even expand our pre-existing passions.

Our weekly ‘Huddles’ are completely free and run every Tuesday from 08:30-10:00. Each week, any member of the group can volunteer to lead what we call the ‘Technology Spotlight’. This is where they can go into depth about an area of technology that excites them and showcase their knowledge. As a group, we can continue to grow and support each other with the hub of combined knowledge. It’s networking, but with a difference.

Micro Office Huddle

How to sign up

The best place to keep up to date with the Huddle is by joining our Facebook group. Here we post regular updates and reminders and all group members can contribute any thoughts, news, and updates. We encourage everyone to ask questions when they have a technology problem and love to hear about the new features you’ve discovered!

Past Technology Spotlights

For an overview of all past technology spotlights, see below:

01.03.22: Micro Office Huddle – Hands free Typing

Cameo-Rose Neal led this month’s Technology Spotlight on the new accessibility features which have been updated with the introduction of Windows 11. To read more about how you can access Voice Typing and Narrator, read this Huddle’s roundup blog!

Cameo-Rose Neal – D365 Life Without Code

Cameo-Rose Neal – D365 Life Without Code

01.02.22: Micro Office Huddle – Why use Microsoft Planner?

Cameo-Rose Neal led this week’s Technology Spotlight on the benefits of using Microsoft Planner! To read more about this Huddle, click on the image, or to learn more about Planner, see here!

18.01.22: Micro Office Huddle – An Introduction to Screenpresso

This week’s Micro Office Huddle was all about Screenpresso – an application for screen recordings, photo editing, and more! This session was led by Bhavika Dodiya and you can read more by clicking the image!

Bhavika Dodiya – D365 Life Without Code

Cameo-Rose Neal – D365 Life Without Code

11.01.22: Micro Office Huddle – Procreate for Digital Art

This week’s Micro Office Huddle was led by Cameo and was all about how Procreate for Apple devices can be used to create digital artwork.

14.12.21: Micro Office Huddle – Microsoft Forms

Cameo led this Technology Spotlight on Microsoft Forms and how it can help you to create surveys and gather data quickly and easily!

Cameo-Rose Neal – D365 Life Without Code


Luca Proietti – D365 Life Without Code

07.12.21: Micro Office Huddle – Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Luca led this week’s Technology Spotlight and shows us how VOIP technology can help to replace traditional telephone providers and in-house phone systems.

30.11.22: Micro Office Huddle – Microsoft Bookings

Claire led the Technology Spotlight on Microsoft Bookings and showed us how the Microsoft product can be used, personalised and even integrated with your other Office applications!

Claire Bristow – D365 Life Without Code

23.11.21: Micro Office Huddle – LinkedIn Profiles
Ghislaine led today’s Technology Spotlight and gave us some tips on how we can create an eye-catching LinkedIn profile!

16.11.21: Micro Office Huddle – Wix AI
Our resident Wix Ambassador Marjorie Grant led this week’s Technology Spotlight on how Wix AI can be used for website creation.

Claire Bristow – D365 Life Without Code

04.11.21: Micro Office Huddle – Teams Meetings vs Webinars vs Live Events
Claire Bristow led the Technology Spotlight on the difference between the different meeting types you can create with Microsoft Teams.

28.10.21: Micro Office Huddle – Google Ecosystem
Richard Wishart from Delivery Management Ltd led the Technology Spotlight and took the group through his Google Ecosystem.

Richard Wishart – Delivery Management Ltd

Claire Bristow – D365 Life Without Code

19.10.21: Micro Office Huddle – OneNote for Screen Capture
Claire Bristow led the Technology Spotlight on using OneNote as your primary snipping tool. For more information, look at out blog on OneNote’s shortcut key!

05.10.21: The First Huddle – Microsoft Lens
We kicked off the very first Micro Office Huddle meeting with a Technology Spotlight on Microsoft Lens.

Claire Bristow – D365 Life Without Code

When do the Huddles run?

The huddles will run on Tuesdays from 08:30–10:00. Join our Facebook group and sign up to join the huddle!

Remember you can also follow us / keep up to date at…. Facebook Linked In / Blogs or sign up for our newsletter D365 Byte Sized.