Micro Office Huddle – 19.10.21

This week’s Micro Office Huddle (a free networking group with a centric focus on all things tech-related) took a focus on using OneNote for screen capturing. It was lovely to welcome some new faces and get to know some more about what everyone does. Everyone brought something that they are passionate about, and it was lovely to have you in the Huddle!


Technology Spotlight

Claire Bristow (D365’s company owner) lead this week’s technology spotlight. She talked us through the benefits of using OneNote to take screenshots and the ease in which you can set up the shortcut key! Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking programme available both for free and part of some Microsoft Licenses. The paid version includes more features than the free version, however, both offer users handy useful benefits!

We spoke about the different things OneNote can be used for and how it has been utilised by Claire in the past. There are many reasons why we like to use OneNote for screen capturing, and it was great to hear your thoughts and opinions on it’s uses!

404 Roundup

After the technology spotlight, we had time for the 404 problems! This is a designated time where where we (any anyone who is able!) will try to aid you in solving your problems.

Micro Office Huddle

Coming Up / More Information

The next Huddle is scheduled to run on Tuesday the 26th October 2021. Richard Wishart has volunteered to take us through Google Ecosystem! We hope to see you there!

In the announcements on our Facebook group, we’ve set up a poll full of Technology Spotlight ideas! Feel free to add in anything else that you would like to learn some more about (or volunteer to run yourself!) and make sure to vote! We will begin to prioritise topics based on what people would like to see.

When will the Micro Office Huddle run?

The huddles will run on Tuesdays from 08:30 – 10:00. Join our Facebook group and sign up to join the huddle!

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