In my It’s time to say goodbye to… post I spoke about Dialogs. Now its time to talk about a different feature.

The old legacy client.

This also has a date on its usage and from 1st October 2020 it will be no more.

Switching over to the ‘new’ Unified Interface shouldn’t be too hard but, don’t ignore the end use experience.

If you enjoy change and technology after a few stumbles you should enjoy the new front end (or revamped old interface if you go back to circa Version 4 where we had a very similar format).

If however your users are less comfortable with change please don’t ignore the training factor. The ROI of a small training session to build confidence (for those that need it) always pays back with interest!

As things graphically change from a scrolling record screen to tabs there may be changes you wish to make as it will ‘flow better’ by moving fields / sections and potentially creating some show / hide business rules to replace the collapsed tabs you used to have.

After using the Unified Interface since it was released there are lots of good features in there but, It has changed the way I build so, if you haven’t already moved over to the new UI please don’t put it off. Start planning your transition today & if you need help / support with either the technical or the training please drop me a line 🙂


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m new to word press and had managed to link my internal blog reference. Thanks for reading it and the feed back. Claire 🙂

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