Now this may have been here since we were able to user make.powerapps for solutions but, as more and more features are being added to the platform you suddenly see something that you aren’t sure if its new or if it was there from day one.

After the launch of the PowerApps one of the things annoying me was if I wanted to add an extra subcomponents I was switching back to classic mode to do it and then coming back.

However, I was possibly reading the screen a little more last week when I saw the ‘new’ icon

If you open a solution and then select (But don’t open) the entity you will see there is an add subcomponents icon above. When you click on it you get the screen on the right allowing you to select all the items you need to add in.

For me happy days as one less thing to pop back to classic for. The list is getting smaller.

With the release of Wave 2 today hopefully there will soon be more features dropping into powerapps soon. I’m looking forward to the change in Business Process Flows to get here as that just looks inviting to play with 🙂