Unless you have literally started using D365 recently you have probably come across the XRM toolbox in one way or another. If you are new to D365 then sit back and get ready to read about one of the best tools around.

XRM toolbox is a little downloadable application that holds a lot of ‘cool stuff’ that will help you in D365. You can download it from…


So once you have downloaded it then what?

Well you need toset up a link to your environment and you can start to use the tools within it. However, unless you know about the tools where do you start and what do they do?

Everybody will have a feel tools they use a lot and hopefully they will post here as to what they are 🙂

Bulk Workflow Execution

I love this. I can build an on demand work flow. Go into here, choose the workflow and then choose a view to run it on, validate and then start the workflows

Some of the benefits of this is in the new Unified Interface you tend to get an error if you try to run a Workflow on more than 49 records. Now its no problem 🙂

Clone Field Definitions

Quite simple but a real time saver. Choose an entity to start from, choose one to copy to, Select the fields you want to copy and then clone the selected fields.

The limitations to this is that it wont copy a calculated field and you can understand why so you will still need to do this manually but, on the whole it is a brilliant time saver 🙂

Description and Tags

Possibly a less used tool by lots but I rather like it. When you hover over a field you get your tag description.

Here you can export the fields and descriptions, amend / update in excel and then re import. I like doing descriptions when you have calculated fields as I can type the formula. Also find easier to set up in excel rather than go through each field Manually in D365

Over to you!

OK time to share. As I said at the start there are tons of tools and unless you stumble across them you may not know to look for them and they could change my (and other peoples) lives with this new knowledge 😉

  • What tool do you use?
  • What does it do?
  • Why do you like it?

P.S. Feel free to do a shameless plug if one of the tools are yours and thanks for putting it on there 🙂