Micro Office Huddle – 23.11.21

We created Micro Office Huddle to be a hub where the technology-enthused, with a desire to learn, can come together and collaborate. In the weekly Huddles, members meet and discuss new topics, ask questions, and make connections. This week, Ghislaine van Berkom-Smits led the Technology Spotlight. We then learnt more about how to create a LinkedIn profile that will set you apart from the crowd.

Why LinkedIn is an important sales channel

Technology Spotlight

Every Huddle, one volunteer leads what we call the ‘Technology Spotlight’. This week, Ghislaine explained the things we can all do that will help boost our LinkedIn profiles. More than just ensuring your profile picture is professional and smiley, it’s good to take advantage of how LinkedIn allows you to display a header picture. This can be a great way for you to tell your audience a bit more about what you do with an eye-catching visual! Ghislaine also pointed out some of the lesser-known customisations that can be made, such as changing our profile URL to something more identifiable or adding in a button with the correct pronunciations of our names.

404 Roundup

The 404 Roundup is the time where anyone in the Huddle can ask a question about an area of technology they’ve been struggling with or just share some information about something they’ve recently discovered. This week, we didn’t have any problems but did discuss some tips that can be used in Microsoft Excel!

Micro office huddle
Micro Office Huddle

Coming Up / More Information

The next Huddle is scheduled to run on Tuesday the 30th of November 2021. Claire Bristow will be leading the Technology Spotlight on Microsoft Bookings! Make sure to book your place for next week’s Huddle and join our Facebook group to stay up to date!

We hope to see you there!

In the announcements on our Facebook group, we’ve set up a poll full of Technology Spotlight ideas! So, please feel free to add in anything else that you would like to learn some more about (or volunteer to run yourself!) and make sure to vote! We are prioritising topics based on what people would most like to see.

When will the Micro Office Huddle run?

The huddles will run on Tuesdays from 08:30 – 10:00. Join our Facebook group and sign up to join the huddle!

Remember you can also follow us / keep up to date at…. Facebook Linked In / Blogs or sign up for our newsletter D365 Byte Sized.

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