Meeting Recordings in Microsoft Teams

One of the best features that Microsoft Teams offers users is the ability to create and share meeting recordings. This is great for taking notes and sharing information with others who might not have been able to attend the meeting.

Previously, all meeting recordings were automatically uploaded to Microsoft Stream but, as of the 16th of August 2021, this is no longer the case. Now, all meeting recordings are saved to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint in Office 365.

Access the recording link from the meeting chat.

Sharing and Permissions

Like before the change, a link to view the recording will appear in the meeting chat history. However, the permissions that provide access to the recording file are different for Channel Meetings vs all other meeting types.

Permissions for Channel Meetings are inherited from the Team’s channel owner / members list—just like with any other file in the channel. For all other meetings, only the person who hits record and scheduled the meeting will be able to edit the recording. All those who were invited to the meeting will be able to view the file but not edit.

To add an additional layer of protection, external guest users will not have access to the file but will be able to see the file link in the meeting chat. External users can, however, request for the file to be shared with them.

If you do not have OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, the recording will land in your temporary storage location. It will be held there for 21 days, after which time it will be deleted.

Add in the name, group or email of who you would like to grant access to.

How to share with external guests

If you were the one to record the meeting, you will be able to share the recording with others. Where this was previously done via Stream, you are now able to share the file from your OneDrive.

These steps will work if you were the one to click ‘Record’.

  • To access the recording, click on the link in the chat. (Note: if you cannot find the link or chat, you can go to your calendar and re-join the meeting to access the chat once again).
  • When in the player window, you should be able to see a ‘share’ button.
  • Click on this, and there should be text box where you can add in the names or email addresses of those you wish to give access to.
  • Finally, click ‘Send’.

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