Monthly Dynamics Training
Out of hours courses are available – look for the cow on the moon to indicate its before 9am or after 5pm

About Our Training

The pandemic forced many organisations to re-think the way they do things, and we were no exception. With the limiting of face-to-face meetings, we set up our live, online training sessions. Now, with the easing of restrictions, we are happy to say we will be holding training sessions in person once again!

Claire is an experienced trainer and has been running sessions for longer than she would care to admit (as she is, of course, still just 21). This is why we feel that our training sessions are filled with such great atmosphere. We believe that one of the best ways for anyone to learn is through asking questions in a real-time setting. This is why we focus more on creating opportunities for discussions rather than holding lectures.

Back face-to-face

At D365 Life Without Code, we do not like to offer what we refer to as ‘click-button’ training. We prefer to open a dialogue and get to know you, so as to better help you better learn what you need to know.

Naturally, hosting sessions in an environment where everyone can be in the same room helps to make this an easier feat. Though our online sessions bring the same level of enthusiasm, we understand that many are keen to attend face-to-face sessions and feel more comfortable with this. We are excited to welcome you all back!

Temporary Restrictions

To get back to face-to-face meetings, we ask that some temporary safety guidelines are still maintained. This is for the welfare of everyone in attendance.

We will be limiting numbers to three spaces per session, which will not only reduce the risk of infection but also allow better chance for you to ask all the questions that you need!

Whilst the session takes place, we ask that attendees still follow the guidelines of remaining socially distanced. In order for everyone to feel as comfortable as possible, all attendees will have the chance to contact us in advance and request that all wear masks.

For the session to take place, everyone should have completed a lateral flow test the day before the session and have received a negative result.

Anything else?

We will be continuing to hold our online sessions in conjunction with the in-person sessions for anyone who is unable to physically make it. However, we are very happy to be able to experience a little more normalcy as restrictions ease!

Did you know, we also run a One and Run policy?

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