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When the world went online with the onset of COVID-19, we at D365 Life Without Code decided to create our online training courses. As an organisation, we knew that we wanted to bring the same engagement of our classroom-based courses to the internet. This is why our live training sessions are more about creating a discussion than a lecture.

Say you wanted to know how to create a workflow in Dynamics. You could search the internet and it would send back a number of blogs and YouTube videos with all the information you need (we would likely even have our own results in there, too!). There are great resources and, if you already know what it is you’re looking to find, can fulfil your search for information. However, if you’re starting out from scratch or are just generally unsure, such guides and videos may only confuse you more. This is why it can be better to have the opportunity to ask questions in a real-time setting.

Monthly Dynamics Training
D365 Byte Sized training

Discussion-based training

Our live, online training sessions are a great way to get to know all of the ways your Dynamics CRM system can begin working for you. Whether there is a particular section you want to know more about or you are generally curious about the different things a Dynamics system can do, the ability to ask your questions as and when they pop into your head is undoubtedly one of the best ways to generate knowledge. By combining visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning techniques into the sessions, we feel we offer the best chance for information to stick with you long-term.

Why are you unique?

Your Dynamics environment can be configured to your organisation’s needs. This is why we genuinely believe that live training sessions is the best way to communicate exactly what this can mean for each individual and their company.

At D365, we do not like to offer what we refer to as ‘click-button’ training. Instead of simply offering a list of instructions with no further explanation, we believe in helping you to gain a better insight of the system. This should hopefully allow you to come up with the right questions and help you learn even more. Only you can know what you hope to get out of your Dynamics CRM system, and we believe that having the ability to ask questions is an important step in ensuring that vision is achieved.

Why are we unique?

We don’t run courses to make thousands of pounds in profit (although that would be nice!). Our courses are priced to be very competitively within the market. We believe that budget should never be a deciding factor for an organisation on whether they can afford to train their staff. With our Byte Sized Training starting from as little as £15 a month, can you afford not to improve your skills?

Did you know that we also offer a One and Run policy?

Our Training Courses

We have a wide range of training courses available depending on what it is you’re hoping to learn more about. Our D365 Byte Sized Training runs monthly and covers a wide range of topics so you can decide what is most relevant to you!

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