D365 Byte Sized training

Lets talk about Dynamics training!

We have recently been working with an organisation looking to refresh they CRM platform and one of the main comments from the existing users was about training. This is a trend through a lot of companies, especially as Dynamics is a Microsoft product the perception is you can use it without training.

You totally can but, everything is an evolution. Without training you will work out what you need to do but if there is functionality you don’t know about you wouldn’t go searching on how to do it.

Did you know we run training 😉

If you follow us on Social Media you may have seen some links recently to our training courses and there are more to come 🙂 We now have live online training scheduled until January 2022 and over the coming days / weeks more will appear on our web page 🙂 https://d365lifewithoutcode.com/dynamics-events

Before setting up D365 Life Without Code I (as in Claire Bristow) had been an independent trainer and used to use the phase “because one size doesn’t fit all” and this concept has been one of thoughts when developing our training.

In 2019 Claire authored her first Dynamics book Tips and tricks for the end user, this was followed by some exercise and workbooks and a super user book. The difference from these and other books on the market is that they are scenario based and also they complement our courses (or rather courses complement the books). We try and provide multiple ways for someone to learn and this is 100% visible in the range of courses that we run.

Whats in the diary?

We run dynamics training courses from 2 to 20 hours plus online and 1 – 5 days in a classroom. We would like to think our prices are VERY competitive (we don’t like the word cheap) as we believe in knowledge and want to share that.

Byte sized training

These are live online dynamics training courses and are 2, 3, 4 or 7 hours each month (depending on the scheme you choose) and are aimed at end users, super users and trainers. As a monthly subscription you would pay between £15 and £60 a person. It makes training less than £10 an hour. The trainers sessions are run out of hours (if you are already delivering a course you cant cancel that to attend this so join us after 5pm). The end and super users courses run twice, once in office hours and once after 5.

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Tips and trick, Sales hub and solutions and scenarios

These are dynamics training courses that are run in 3 ways. Classroom express and classroom relaxed (same content and different duration) and also as a live online course. For the online courses they are broken over a few days so you don’t get web training overload and also you have time to practice in between the sessions.

On demand guided support

This is our own concept. rather than book a course and sit though content you don’t need, book guided support to learn how to fix your problem on your system.

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One and Run

There is nothing worse than booking a session with a training provider to find out it is cancelled as the minimum numbers were not met. This is why we have a One and Run concept on all of our online courses and when Covid 19 restrictions change and we go back to the classroom we aim to apply the same. If one person is booked on the course will run!

Do you want to join us?

Have a look on our events page where you can navigate through the calendar to find our dynamics training or expand the pink “find yours perfect Dynamics Event” bar and use the filters to find your perfect course.

If you cant find the course you would like or, you would like to speak to us about running this course for you in house email us Training@d365lifewithoutcode.com

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