Struggling to format your tables in Microsoft Word?

Formatting in Microsoft Word is easy once you know how! This short guide will show you how you can edit table rows and merge cells to place your images and text exactly where you want them.

Automatic formatting in Word is intended to help you, and can save a lot of time once you know how to occasionally tweak things manually. Every so often, though, I’ll bump into a problem and need to remind myself of how to fix it. Thankfully, the solutions are always very simple and quick to complete!

Use ‘Merge Cells’ to edit placement

‘Merge Cells’

I was struggling to position the images to the left-hand side of my table. Whenever I pasted a picture the cell, I would find that the question to the right would automatically format the row to the same height increment., leaving gaps below the text I hadn’t wanted.

The solution only takes three clicks.


Highlight the area you need to merge and right click
  • First, locate the area that needs merging.
  • Highlight the cells and right click your mouse over the space (note, you can’t right click over the image!).
  • Click on ‘Merge Cells’ and you’re done!
Your formatting should move to how you want it

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