What is the customer journey?

Recently, when working with organisations, we have spoken a lot about the customer journey. But, what is the customer journey for you?

For our organisation, it is simply the point from when we first talk to a person / organisation until we reach a natural end of the journey together.

In Dynamics, we can work with you to build this journey into your application, so you can get the most from our data.


How do you bring people into your company as customers or ‘watch lists’?

This is the first step in your customer journey. The information you record, and what you actually need, is usually very different to when you sign contracts for work.

Dynamics is an amazing tool but it doesn’t have all the answers. It can support you, but ultimately you need to know the information for this to happen.

Our Course

At D365 Life Without Code, we run an on-boarding and customer journey course. This course will take you through all the stages of the customer journey and offer answers to questions you might not have thought of before.

The Customer Journey Blogs

Through this next series of blogs, we will take some of the topics that we have in this course and pose some questions to allow you to reflect on your own journey.

  • Who are your customers?
    • What is an account?
    • Who is a contact?
    • What is account management?
  • Customer status
    • What would you class as an active customer?
    • What would you class as an inactive customer?
    • Is there a difference between active / inactive as a customer status and ‘sales status’?
  • What are leads / opportunities?
    • When would you create an opportunity?
  • Where are your leads coming from?
  • How do you manage a lead / opportunity?
    • What stages do you go through?
    • Are there different opportunities where the journey would be different?
  • How do you organise your customer’s requirements and sales tasks?

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