On-boarding and the Customer Journey

This a 4 hour course run over 4 1/2 hours. The course is aimed at organisations who have already implemented Dynamics into their system, but want to learn how they can take it to the next stage to create a customer journey.

What’s the Agenda?

The session will be broken down as follows;

  • Who are your customers?
    • What is an account?
    • Understanding contacts
    • What is account management?
  • Customer status
    • What would you class as an active customer?
    • What would you class as an inactive customer?
    • Is there a difference between active / inactive customer statuses and ‘sales status’?
  • What are leads / opportunities?
    • When would you create a lead?
    • When would you create an opportunity?
  • Where are your leads coming from?
  • How do you manage a lead / opportunity?
    • What stages do you go through?
    • Are there different opportunities where the journey would be different?

Who are your Trainers?

Claire On-boarding and the Customer Journey

When will the course be run?

Coming soon

What are the costs?

£350 for an online course

£700 for in house (plus travel) when Covid restrictions allow

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