For the third instalment in this series I thought I would look at the benefits of Dynamics for financial services. My main reason for this choice being that I myself come from a financial services background and as such thought I may be able to call upon that experience to offer a bit of insight.

In compiling this blog post I came across statistics and trends that rang true from my time in the financial services industry and I could see how Dynamics could be utilised to help.

Financial Services industry trends

The financial services industry is being swept up in the wave of digital transformation, shifting attitudes from one of hesitancy to one of inevitability. Today’s customers are more informed than ever, increasingly mobile, and less trusting than they once were, increasing the pressure on organisations to deliver frictionless customer experiences. 


of consumers left their bank in the past year.1


of consumers ​​think their financial institutions know them and their needs.2


of financial institutions deliver an advanced personalized experience.3

At the same time, the emergence of non-traditional players and FinTech are forcing traditional financial services to change their business strategy and embrace new business models. Furthermore, most financial services organisations are dealing with outdated, siloed data and technology systems that make it difficult to keep the pace of business and to glean any meaningful insights from the ever increasing volumes of customer and market data.

It doesn’t have to be this way 

Digital transformation is not simply about technology—it requires financial services leaders to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of connecting with their customers. ​For most businesses, taking advantage of the opportunity has proved challenging. Saddled with antiquated business systems, processes, and regulations, financial institutions struggle to adapt quickly to this intersection of disruption and transformation.

Implementing a sophisticated, modern CRM and business application platform can help you overcome these challenges and deliver some game changing initiatives:

  • Differentiated ​customer experience​. Deliver personalised customer experiences at scale with speed and agility.
  • Fast, personalised​ service. Provide customers with outstanding customer service on any platform, including self-service.​
  • 360-degree customer​ view. Ensure service agents are equipped with an understanding of a customer’s history and preferences.​

How can Dynamics help your financial services business?

Microsoft Dynamics provides the perfect platform to help you foster brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen insights into customer behavior.

Differentiate on personalised engagement

76% of buyers expect a sales rep to build a personal relationship and act as a trusted advisor.4

Provide fast service on any platform

10% increase in new sales is gained by financial institutions that deploy machine-learning tools to predict what customers need next and determine the right channel to reach them.5

Empower employees with customer insight

41% of consumers switched companies last year due to poor personalisation and lack of trust.6

Scenarios for your organisation

Deliver frictionless experiences through physical and digital channels

The Microsoft AI solution augments human ingenuity in customer service and engagement across all channels, empowering brands to easily deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Gain a holistic view of customer preferences and activity across channels​

Utilise a system dashboard for a single view of direct customer feedback, see key metrics around project status, and track whether customer issues are being resolved.

Empower employees to use insights

Enable agents with the right resources, data, and customer insights to streamline service delivery and avoid escalations.

The benefits of Dynamics for financial services businesses are virtually endless. Not only can D365 Life Without Code help you get the most out of Dynamics and ensure that all of the out of the box features are working for you the best they can be, we can also further enhance the Dynamics offering with some fantastic additions to make it even more powerful. Take a look at our Partners page to see what else is possible with the best CRM for the retail industry.

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