New Training courses are coming! Monday morning started with a little bit of zooming for the the D365 Life Without Code training team as we were discussing our new book and course Scenarios and Solutions for the D365 Super User – Part 1.

D365 Life Without Code training team
D365 Life Without Code training team

The new book / course is aimed at a super user and it takes the reader / course participant through a journey of discovery. They will build a fully working Dynamics platform for a fictitious organisation “We’ll mind you matter”. The book / course takes your through adding a field to a form to workflows, business rules, custom entities and even building your own site maps and apps.

How can this benefit you?

If you are an organisation that likes to take control of their own system then this is for your. This will hopefully give you both the skills and confidence to allow you (without code) to manage and grow your application.

As an organisation we believe that training can ultimately be the factor that can make Dynamics application succeed. From talking to companies that have had a ‘failed implementation’ when you drill down into the reasons why you find that the system technically does everything it needs to but people were never shown how to use it. As an application it is really easy to “click and populate fields”, what training does is explain the when, why and how.

  • When you should update something
  • Why you need to do it
  • How it connects with other Dynamics records/ company teams / company departments / company systems

Knowing this information help people become more confidant and in turn competent.

Existing books / training courses

When we ran our Tips and Tricks for the D365 end user course, it covers generic items found in every system. Its really interesting that people who have been using the system for a few years day in / day out AND you would class as advanced users / super users where finding items they have not used before or not used in that way.

As an organisation we write our own training courses and books as we believe the When, Why and How format that we have throughout helps the embedding of the information. If you attend a course you will receive the book and the workbook for the course. The session will then have additional class exercises to supplement this.

If you are unable to attend you can purchase the book and workbook direct from Amazon. A workbook on its own is a waste of paper as it seems like random strange questions. However, use it in conjunction with the book and you will see it follows the same format. So you can read a section, jump to the workbook and follow the practical exercises. You almost have your own personal training course 🙂

If you would like any information on training or how to purchase our books in bulk please contact us at