Bookend your day with D365 Dynamics

What do I mean with the term bookend your day? Recently I was in a marketing session with All Star Marketing and they were talking about book-ending your day. The routine you have at the start and end of each day can result in better productivity and results. This led me to think about Dynamics and how people use it.

As a developer we look at building tools so people can bookend their day (although this is a phrase I had never heard of or used before). So what do we actually mean by this and can can a few tweaks make significant changes?

Your morning routine

What is the first thing you do work-wise in the morning? How many of these things do you do?

  • Check your emails or voice mails
  • Review the days appointments or Tasks
  • Analyse your open projects and see what stage you are on
  • Carry on doing what you was doing yesterday

Why don’t you look at things slightly different and jump into Dynamics where Dashboards will help you work with your morning routine! With a single screen you can set it up to show you those important items to start the day.

Standard Dynamics Sales Dashboard
Standard Dynamics Sales Dashboard

How to create your dashboard

When you went live on your application you would have found that some standard dashboards were there ready for you to use. These were designed with good intention but, they may suit your business but do they give you the “what’s in it for me?” content?

The majority of users are able to create their own dashboards. Dashboards are designed to show you charts / views in your system. If you start with a view (advanced find) you can then create a chart which will complement it and put those of the dashboard.

Think of the combinations you could have at the start of your morning? Task that are due / over due, opportunities due to close, opportunities not modified in x days, phone calls planned for the day. How much time could you save with a sensibly designed “whats in it for me?” dashboard.

If you haven’t had experience this have a look at our books. They are available on Amazon direct to buy but, if you would like to by a bundle of the book and the workbook we are selling them for 15% off – B&W bundle for £10.20 and the Colour for £19.30. Use the codes BW15OFF and C15OFF on the form on our books page and we can get in touch to sort your order.

Your evening routine

Now we have bookend the start of the day in dynamics getting the what about the end? Would it be different? This is basically up to you. Do you send out a close of play email daily / weekly? Guess what you can probably do that in Dynamics as well. Think about a new screen with an end of day / week summary? The fields you need that you can pull information into and link records to. With a click of a button everything is saved. If you need to send that content out to colleagues you can automate that as well.

Putting your evening (or weekly) summary in place is something we would love to help you with 🙂 Dynamics is all about allowing you to have quality data and a technology to support your organisation and allow you to reduce your admin / paper trails and give you the time back to spend it on more time effective tasks!

If you would like to speak to us about helping you to implement any of the items above then please get in touch.