So, I just asked my colleague to give me a blog topic. His response was ‘A Ham Sandwich’. (He does like ham sandwiches so although weird it is positive!)

When I then asked how that relates to Dynamics my other colleague said…..

The ham is the CRM in your customer service and salesforce sandwich…. and CRM is the meat that makes it all work!

OK, what have I taken from this? (apart from not asking your colleague for a blog topic)

A Sandwich is a basic item that you can buy off the shelf but there are things you can do with the ham filling that would take the sandwich and make it special and unique to you i.e. added in some pickle, mayo, crisps. Over time your tastes may change and so your Sandwich evolves!

Dynamics is an off the shelf system and is ready to go. However you can add to it to customise / configure it for your organisation and it is truly an organic system that evolves over time.

So as strange as it first sounded Dynamics is a Ham Sandwich!

Thanks Scott and Matt!

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