Have an early Christmas gift with a free solution to download.After I published my blog D365: Cross field Duplicate Detection Rules without code I realised it would actually be quiet nice of me to do some of this work for you and quickly build it ready for use.

free solution to download

What do you need to do?

All you will need to do is download, install and then create and publish the duplication check. Everything else is done for you. So please Have an early Christmas gift with a free solution to download.

DISCLAIMER:  Although it should be obvious it goes without saying that you can download this for free. It’s always nice to get a like / share or follow for ‘payment’ 🙂

If you do download and use, please do so initially on a non production environment. Remember to test it fully. You are also agreeing that by downloading myself as the developer of the solution cannot be held responsible for any issues that may or may not occur in your environment due to it’s use.

And there’s more

This isn’t the only solution that we have in D365 Life Without Code. Have a look on the solutions page on the website for more of what we have created. Some like this one are free and others are not. For the items we charge for hopefully we have done all the thinking and design and created it (and selling it) at a price that is a fraction of what it would cost you to develop from scratch.