Yes PowerPoint is a tool to create presentations but you can also use it to make wrapping paper and cards. Its a great fun tool to get your kids (or you) used to the graphic side of PowerPoint.

I started making cards and paper in PowerPoint after forgetting to pre plan for someone’s birthday. The result was so nice I have repeated the concept.

Here’s a quick guide to how to create your own Easter Cards & Wrapping Paper.

1. Get your Easter Images

  • You may have ‘cute’ drawings your kids have done, take a photo of them and then transfer the file to your laptop
  • Download some images from the web. If you click here you can read an article on how to obtain images you can use

2. Start a blank PowerPoint Presentation

  • Open power point and you will need to amend your ‘Slide Size’ (in 2013 this is in the Design Ribbon)
  • I choose customise and then either the A3 or A4 landscape options (depending on the printer)
  • Change your slide layout to blank

3. Insert your images

  • Go to insert, choose pictures and then select the Easter images you previously transferred / downloaded
  • Arrange them around your slide
  • When you have an image in PowerPoint single click to select it
  • hold down the Control button
  • use your left mouse to drag and copy the image

Add Some Word Art

  • Go to the insert ribbon and choose word art
  • Write your text
  • Use the control Drag method to copy this text around the slide

Get some Rotation

  • Click on a single image
  • Click on the circular arrow
  • Move your mouse to rotate
  • Repeat this on all pictures and words

Print and Go

You now have a page you can fold into a card or use as wrapping paper

This is just a fun thing to do with PowerPoint but i do also teach standard PowerPoint courses and a 2 day Powerful Presentations Course that includes both PowerPoint skills and presentation delivery techniques.

As an Easter Special I can offer PowerPoint 1 day courses on site for up to 5 people for £250 plus expenses and the Powerful Presentations for £700 for the 2 days plus expenses

These courses must be booked and paid for in April with delivery in either April, May or June

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