Do you have SharePoint and Dynamics?

  • Did you know they can be integrated?
  • Do you know how technically easy it is?
  • Have you integrated the two applications?

The ‘out of the box’ integration that most people know about is when you ‘link’ SharePoint to Dynamicsto store your documents within the Dynamicsentities. This is pain free to set up and there are many blogs on the internet that will talk you through it Step by Step. If you have a spare hour and admin privileges on both SharePoint and Dynamics you can be up and running.

Do you have a SharePoint Wikki for Dynamics training / Help?

I love SharePoint and think like many applications that it’s full functionality is never utilised. I will wherever possible use SharePoint to create a Wikki to document my Dynamics training and help guides.

I like using Wikkis as I can ‘document’ the technical steps and then I can give access to ‘Super Users’ to supplement the business process within it. It then becomes a 2 way partnership with IT and the Business owning the effort to up-skill the users.

With the use of an iframe in a Dynamics dashboard you can have a direct step into you SharePoint Wikki so the users never have to leave the Dynamics application to get into their help guide.

Customise the Dynamicshelp

For a 2015 build I am implementing for one of my client’s I have gone a step further and created a custom help link in Dynamics. When a user clicks on the ? icon in an entity it takes them directly to Wikki page in SharePoint for that item.

So simple but so nice and user friendly

I have created my links against a SharePoint Wikki but if you don’t have SharePoint you only need a url to point to so maybe you could have some pages on your intranet that you use.

Making your help just a single click away helps your users as they don’t have to think where else they need to go to get that help.

If you would like help implementing some custom help please contact me on linked in or via email and i will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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