Real Time Workflow to Capture Pre and Post change Values

Lets look at the scenario on an account where if the Account name is changed it captures the previous value in a separate field.

If we look at doing this with a Real time workflow at first it may seem impossible as you want to capture something before it changes and in reality although Dynamics is an amazing tool it isn’t able to predict the future (yet).

Instead of thinking about 2 fields, the current name and the old name, think outside the box slightly and add in a 3rd temporary field and combine that with a workflow we will have a working solution.

We need to create 2 new fields, Account name temp and Account name old (both single line of text)

If when we create / change the account name we have a workflow running we can start to copy information across.

• Step 1 – copy Account name temp to Account name old

• Step 2 – copy Account name to Account name temp

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