The other ways to connect using Microsoft Teams

If you’ve ever found yourself unable to enter a Teams call because of various technical difficulties, then this might be a solution for you to use. By using Microsoft 365 Business Voice in connection to Teams, we’ve found that you are able to phone into a meeting using your mobile device as a microphone.

This is great for if your microphone or speakers are not working, and will allow you to use all the features of Teams with just a few steps.

How to turn your mobile phone into your Teams speaker

Teams Meeting Invitation

If you have received an invitation to a meeting on Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to find the links to access this down the bottom of your screen. This is what the email looks like for us when opened in a web browser as opposed to an application.

Select where it says ‘Click here to join the meeting’. If you do not have Teams installed, it will take you to a new screen where you will be able to choose how you would like to open the meeting.

Opening Teams in a web browser

If you do no have Teams installed on your computer, then you will likely want to open the application in another web browser.

  • A new window will open after you click the link to join the meeting.
  • From here, you can select whatever works best for you. If you do not have Teams installed, however, click to ‘Continue on this browser’.
Joining from a Web Browser

Using your phone’s microphone

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Other Ways to Join

  • To use your mobile phone in place of your computer’s speaker, microphone, or both, then look to where you are offered other options to join.
  • From here, select ‘Phone audio’.
Using Phone Audio
  • This will open the meeting and allow you to enter the number / device you wish to use in place of your computer speaker.
Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Once you have entered your number in, your mobile device will ring. After answering the call, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone to talk to the other meeting participants!

Teams is great for collaboration and communication and helps to connect people all around the world. In conjunction with Microsoft 365 Business Voice, you’re able to use the technology to the full capabilities. Whilst you remain on the phone to the other participants, you will still be able to make use of the other benefits Teams offers, such as the chat and screen sharing function.

This is excellent for presentations, meetings and much more!

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