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Integrating 1-click Surveys with Email Signatures

Customer Thermometer is essential when it comes to using email signature surveys for
customer engagement. A million miles from long-winded customer surveys that hardly anyone
responds to, but geared to elicit at least as much insight, leading brands use it to drive actionable feedback that improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) and reduce churn.

Through a new integration courtesy of Exclaimer acquiring Customer Thermometer, organisations of any size can combine 1-click surveys with professional email signatures. This triggers real-time customer feedback from every corporate email sent, which can then be easily identified and responded to.

Why you should care about 1-Click CSAT Surveys

Most organisations still gather customer experience feedback using long surveys and forms. These typically only get a <1% response rate as customers are too busy and often don’t see the value. At the same time, the emergence of lightweight ‘1-click’ rating systems (embedded in Amazon, Instagram, Uber, etc.) garner much higher engagement among customers who now expect to encounter them throughout their buying journeys.

Using 1-click CSAT surveys delivers the best of both worlds, allowing customers to express feedback in real time in a way that’s convenient for them. This feedback can then be used to inform all manner of business improvements including the customer experience, itself.

1-click signatures surveys bring:

  • An early warning system that pinpoints dissatisfied customers so you can prevent churn.
  • Total view of customer satisfaction at key points in the buying journey.
  • A visible sign of dedication to customer feedback and service.

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