D365 Life Without Code is moving!

After spending the past 18 months at home because of COVID-19, the D365 team are moving to an office in St Neots town centre! Company director Claire Bristow started the company in December 2019 and since then, employees have worked remotely. Though the company has grown, government guidelines and the current climate has meant we’ve remained home-based for the past year.

The D365 Team

Our new office

We’ve chosen an office in St Neots town centre that is in walking / cycling distance for all employees. Claire and her partner could even be seen walking a wall unit and chairs through the town with a sack trolley in the early hours of the morning!

Having a local office was important to Claire as it allows everyone to maintain a work / life balance and not spend their time in transit. Also, as a company who believes in sustainable living, this allows the option for a greener commute to reduce the carbon footprint.

Team building with a difference

Instead of spending a fortune on a team-building away-day, we believe that we have achieved the same atmosphere by building an office together.

“I am quite emotional as in 2019, I decided to write books about Dynamics sales that would be both affordable and attainable for everybody. From that idea, we now have an office with the most wonderful team. I never would have dreamt this be possible and I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for us.” – Claire Bristow

“It’s nice to see how the company has progressed. From joining and being told we may look at getting offices in 24 months time, to moving in just 4 months, is incredible! I’m so happy to be part of this journey and can’t wait for the future.” – Luca Proietti

“I’ve been with the company since March 2020, working from home throughout. Moving to an office, and being with everybody else, is an absolutely massive progression for the company and the people that work for it…and I love it! ‘From little acorns grow big trees’ – looking forward to the future with D365!” Clare Parks

“I joined the company in March 2021 and just can’t believe how much it’s grown in such a short span of time. It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of the company at such a monumental moment for Claire. I’m so excited to see what the future has to hold.” – Cameo-Rose Neal

Office benefits

We’re very thankful to have already taken our first customer call in the new office and immediately noticed how much of a difference it makes to be able to quickly speak to one another in person. After the long months spent at home, being able to come together indoors has already made a great impact on both motivation, morale and meetings.

Moving Day Lunch Break
Luca Building Fans

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