Why do you need an editable grid?

Lets picture this, as a Sales team you have a weekly pipeline meeting every Monday, during that meeting you go through all the current opportunities and update the win % and the estimated revenue. Wouldn’t it be nice and easy of you was able to actually change the data from the view rather than clicking in, locating the field then coming back out the view and repeating the process?

If you hadn’t realised you can now create editable grids directly from CRM without an add on. Here is a very quick guide on how to do it.

Currently this needs to be done in classic view

Add editable grid to the entity

Open a solution with the entity you want to add the grid to and click on the control tab

Add the editable grid control

Click  on Add Control and then select the editable grid and click on add

Select the control

Specify where you would like be able to edit

Identify where it will be enables

Save and publish your changes.

You have now created the editable grid. It can take a little patience to get your clicks correct when you use it but persevere.

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