Would you like to Integrate Dynamics and Lead Forensics? If you have both applications have a look at what we have been building at D365 Life Without Code. Our Dynamics and Lead Forensic integration v 1.0 is now ready for release.

Introducing D365 Life Without Code’s new Lead Forensic App

Once we have installed for you, you will be able to see the dedicated Lead Forensic App.

Lead Forensic App published but D365 Life Without Code
Logging into the Lead Forensics Dynamics App

When you click into the app, you will see the layout of D365 you are used to, a few entities that you know and then a little twist. Let us show you how it all works.

Dynamics and Lead Forensics main screen - published by D365 Life without code.
D365 Life Without Code integration App

Integrate Dynamics and Lead Forensics

In our integration we have done all the hard work for you and now have version 1 ready to go. Once you have your API information from lead forensics we can normally got your integration completed within 12 – 24 hours (once we have the necessary information from yourself) and then you are ready to go and start enjoying the increased power of the 2 platforms working together.

Lead Forensic and D365 integration configuration
D365 Life Without Code integration configuration screen

You need to set up the integration frequency from the pre-defined list of options. Depending on what you choose the integration will run at that interval for you. If you set it as daily and then want to amend, just go back into this record and choose the new option.

Then what happens

Once you have set up your integration frequency then, each-time that frequency is reached we fetch the companies that have visited since the last data fetch AND the activity they had. All of these records are stored in Dynamics as Lead Forensic Accounts and Activities and then Leads will automatically be created. You can choose to link the Lead Forensic Account to an existing account on Dynamics, create a new dynamics account or leave them separate. From the account you can see all of the associated activities and the leads.

Lead Forensics Account

Published by D365 Life Without Code
Lead Forensics Account


You will see there is a new Lead Forensic form in Lead and this will show you the information relating to lead forensics and a quick view form showing the lead forensic account information and a subgrid showing the activities. You can switch between this form and your standard lead form and manage your lead as normal.

Lead Forensics form in Leads Published by D365 Life Without Code
Lead Forensics form in Leads

For further information

Have a look at our web page dedicated to the Dynamics and Lead Forensics Solution. Here you can find further information in respect of the solution and pricing.

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