Riverport Business Club & D365 Life Without Code

I set up D365 Life Without Code as a consultancy in December 2019 after being made redundant. In January I was in my local opticians and I saw a poster for Riverport which is a business club in my local town.

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks and I get a call on Tuesday lunchtime asking if I could present about D365 the next morning at 7:15! I’m always up for a challenge so full organisation mode was on.

My house became operation central and with little time to get banners published my local stationary shop became my best friend. The dogs who normally sleep on the bed were turfed out and dinner was finished and my other half got on with the placement of everything on my display cards 🙂

So 7 am the next morning my D365 T-shirt was on and then myself, a game, 2 banners, a powerpoint and some sweets were on our way.

My Aims

1. Not to bore anyone as D365 is an amazing product!

2. Explain how my little consultancy is the same as planning your dinner.

3. Get people thinking about CRM systems and why they help rather than hinder you. They should be seen as an assistant not an admin chore.

The Riverport results

1. No one fell asleep – yey!!! Ok I had sweets and an exercise to help achieve this.

2. I did and no one looked like I had lost the plot so i see that as a success

3. Hopefully – I haven’t been told anyone was awake at 3am thinking about it but hopefully a few seeds planted to make people think.

It was amazing fun. I love my Business group anyway but this made it even more special being able to do this.

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