You decide as an organisation that you want a “sales” system and you decide D365 is the technology for you. You buy your license, log on and then what do you do?

D365 is a fantastic platform ready to go. However even if you use it Out of the Box there are still things you need to decide and tweak before the system works for you.

The opportunity gives you a way to hold details of potential “sales” but, what do you need to think about before you start putting data in? A lot of items will be dependent on what you report on.

  • Do you have different opportunity types?
  • Do you want to calculate revenue based on probability?
  • Do you have stages that you progress through that triggers tasks?
  • If the value is above a certain amount do you treat it differently?
  • Do you have parent / child opportunities. I.e. you have to pass a qualification from the customer before you can bid / tender / be considered for the different components.

This is where D365 Life Without Code can work with you. If you need a ‘friend’ to help you along the process come and talk to us.

We can look at your existing system and see how it can migrate to D365. Looking at how much information you hold we can then see whether our get started packages will work for you. in touch and arrange a chat 🙂

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