Looking for a guinea pig!

I have my next solution ready to go so I am Looking for a guinea pig!. Yey! 🙂

However I could do with a guinea pig to download it and follow the install instructions – I’ve looked at it so much building it I can install and configure in my sleep so need a fresh set of eyes.

It should only take about 15 minutes maximum (depending on your connection speed) to install and configure.

Have a read below and if you think it sounds interesting and now you know why we are Looking for a guinea pig, and you want to put it on your sandbox give me a shout 🙂

So what is the solution?


You have a development / Sandbox / training environment. You import data into it for testing and scramble emails but, people using it have the habit of putting in real email address and you then run the risk of emails being sent out ‘in error’


Download our email management solution where you can identify a safe domain and test email address and your problems will be solved. Every time an email address is entered it is checked against the safe domain. If it matches it stays, if not its replaced by the test email.

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