IF you have been using make.powerapps.com as your new solution tool you may have see the tab for Relationships. As something you don’t tend to do on a day to day basis its only now that I have had a decent look at it.

I had just created a little entity that will be linked to account. So after enabling quick forms and creating a subgrid I decided to check out the relationship to ensure everything mapped.

In my solution I added in accounts and then I went to add a relationship. You get asked the type of relationship and in this case it was a One-To-Many

Step 1 – select the related entity.

Step 2 – Expand Advanced options and then select the behaviour and what happens when the account is deleted. Nothing new but a clean way of doing it.

Step 3 – click on Done

Your screen then closes and you are ‘done’

Step 4 – Save Entity

Cool? Well maybe not 🙁

At the point of writing this I can’t seem to see a way to map the fields across so at the point of writing I am having to switch into the classic format to do this.

Am I ready for relationships? well yes. Is D365 ready? Not quiet. We are half way there and hopefully it wont be long to wait until all the functionality is there. A good start and look forward to whats next.

If you see the new functionality for field mapping is there since I have written this and I have’t been back to update (or linked to a next instalment blog) then please let me know.