Well it isn’t actually magic but it should be. As a non code builder it has always frustrated me that there isn’t an easy way to update child records when something in the parent record changes and normally i’d have to ask someone to do me a little ‘code’ to get it done.

However this has now changed as I stumbled across the Donaubauer Workflowloop on appsource the other week and what it does is for me magic 🙂 Download it and give it a try for yourself.


So for my little test I did the age old grumble – you have an account, the address changes and you want to update every employee (contact) with this new address. Now you can do it in 5 Simple steps!

1. I created a child workflow on the contact to populate the address fields from the account (company) record

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2. I created a workflow in the account set to run on change of any of the account fields

3. First step of my workflow was to use the workflow loop

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4. Simply populate the lookup with the workflow you want to use and the attribute with the field schema name.

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In this case the company lookup in the contact record is called parentcontactid

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5. Activate the workflow and you are done. Just 5 easy steps to workflow magic 🙂

If you don’t believe me have a look at my screen shots here 🙂

Starting address

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Changed Address

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Child workflow history

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Contact record with new address

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I hope you will agree with me that this is a pretty nifty workflow tool, easy to use and does what it says on the packet. Although I haven’t tested it yet, it is meant to work on custom entities as well. I’m currently making a mental list on where I can implement this on my build and potentially customers builds as well.

Just as a disclaimer i’m not affiliated to Donaubauer AG in any way just found the tool, loved it and wanted to share. If you would like more information please contact them directly

Tel.: +49 (34361) 826-0

Fax: +49 (34361) 826-25

Mail: sales@donaubauer.com

Web: http://www.donaubauer.com

However, if you have some cool examples on how you can use this please share as it my be ways I hadn’t thought of yet!