If you have been using the new make.powerapps platform you hopefully are enjoying the new features but switching back into classic to get other functions complete. One of the less obvious sections they have is advanced Customisations.

If you click on the cog top right when you are in Make.Powerapps then select Advanced Customisations you will see the new menu which gives you the ability to work with a few more of the items from the classic settings menu.

At the point of writing this, when you click on the item to open it just opens a new window, without the graphics but with the old classic layout and functions.

One thing I have noticed though is that the User version this way worked ‘well’ where as when I opened a user record via a Unified Interface App and using advanced settings that way (hope you followed that, hybrid experience at its best) I was unable to update the address in the user record.

For me personally I think I need to get into the habit of opening the items this way as apart from the address in a user record I can’t see any other benefits to ‘tempt me’ over here. Or have I missed something that you found? Let me know 🙂