You may have seen a few excited posts from myself about the new solution interface. I originally found it when I got a pop up message on a solution I had open.

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However, today I was working on a different customer and when I opened the solution I waited patiently for the pop up. Did it come? No! So I made a cup of tea and still no yellow bar.

Now this may be obvious to many but for those of you that it isn’t (which was me – everything is obvious when you know how) you can get to it without this little link.

  1. Open up your CRM instance.
  2. Open a new tab in the same browser
  3. Paste in

Hey presto you will now be in the new experience and you can now search, click and enjoy!

I do apologise in advance as there will be a few posts in the next few weeks on this as I am really enjoying the new features. Feel free to follow me on Linked in to see my updates or, if you prefer they will be linked to ISC Software Solutions on Facebook as well as the ISC Software Website

I hope you enjoy these new Items in D365 as much as me.

Until next time…….