Have you seen the new D365 Solution Interface yet?

You may have seen my quick excited post when I found it. I was working on a build yesterday when it popped up so of course I needed to go and try it.

5 hours using it (I made myself stop last night and sleep) my general impression is that I really like it. Like everything there will be a bit of change and Microsoft catchup on features but, on the whole it is really good.

My favourite items (so far)

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  • Great form building now including changing the interface for different screen formats as you build! Easy to add a new field to a form and even more exciting (well to me at least) you can cut a section and then paste it into a new tab EASILY!
  • I love the searching in a solution. You can search for option sets, business rules and workflows in one place. If your naming is good this is a brilliant win.
  • Views! Everything (well almost everything) that was annoying has basically been fixed!!! Drag, drop, click and save. Done
  • Solution checker. Now I am a none code builder but it allow you to check your solution and highlight and issues for the current version of D365 and also does and upgrade readiness check. Pretty neat

A couple of head scratches

  • I haven’t worked out how to add a subgrid or spacer onto a form yet or, how to change a two option to a check box (pop into classic sort and come back so not a show stopper)
  • I also can’t see how find the dependencies of a field. Can see it at entity level and if you try and delete a field with dependencies it does tell you
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But, after using it for almost 5 hours they are my only gripes. I really like it!

If you have used it please share away tips and gripes and we may be able to help each other.

If you haven’t go look!