The best CRM tip ever! OK so that’s a bit of a ‘strong’ statement but this tip gave me the ‘wow’ effect.

I was recently running a CRM workshop and the credit for this goes to one of my delegates.

The mouse I use isn’t the most compact but it suits me. Since the new menu format was released with 2013 I am probably one of the chief grumblers on how navigating with my mouse takes me off of the menu, collapses it and I have to start again.

Its possibly fair to say this is one of the main reasons I have seen for end users not ‘enjoying’ the dynamics interface.

However, my life has now changed!

My clever delegate who gave me this CRM tip was navigating though the menus with ease, didn’t one fall off. and collapse his menu. It wasn’t mouse placement as the cursor wasn’t moving. When I asked him what he was doing his answer was……

Use the scroll button on the mouse!

Ohh My! Such a simple thing but what a difference it makes!

Simply click to view the menu, with your cursor on it use the scroll button and you can cycle through the CRM menu.

It’s so obvious really when you think about it as pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then using the scroll button you can zoom in and out of the office products so makes sense you can scroll through menus.

Now to buy a new mouse so I can do this as well.

Learning is really a 360 process. You pass on the knowledge you have and glean some more in return.

What short cuts have you found ‘by mistake’ or from someone else in CRM that have helped you?

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