SharePoint Document library. Where did it go?

  • You have a SharePoint Site with a Document Library
  • You view the library on your mobile phone
  • Everything looks different form your normal web view
  • You see a button to switch to PC view and click it

How do you go back?

When you have a document library in SharePoint it will automatically create a default Mobile view for you as well which is a great feature. When you select the library on your phone it is automatically displayed for you.

But what happens when you are click happy like me?

You find that although it was obvious on how to switch one way its not so obvious to go back. There is no option in the view selection list to choose your mobile view. Its easy (if not obvious) to change back when you know how…..

Select the settings icon and there you ave the mobile view option. Click on it and normality is returned 🙂

Creating views in SharePoint is very easy to do and customising the mobile view to support your people who access through the phone can make improve their experience greatly with only a little effort.

If you require training on creating your system views this can easily be achieved over an hours remote training. Please contact me on for further information

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