Claire is highly energetic and passionate about what she does. She was responsible for delivering the training programme for the new CRM system that she and her team have developed. This includes coordinating training dates, ensuring the proper licenses and access have been set up for selected users, and preparing training material. Claire has been very responsive and helpful throughout her busy schedule of training the global network of users within Arup. For someone who was a contractual hire and has only been with the organization for three months, she shows a great level of understanding of our internal systems and processes. She is able to answer difficult questions posed during the intense two-day training session that she conducted in the Singapore office, which I have moderated and overseen. She is able to clearly articulate the limitations of the system, or identify issues where processes / policies take precedence over systems and software delivery. I would be more than happy to work with Claire again; her enthusiastic and personable nature makes for easy collaboration and communication.