Why extend your application with an Office Licence?

With our Byte Sized Butchers solution, you have ordering in the palm of your hand (if you’re using the app on your phone)! This gives you all the functionality that you need to manage your ordering online.

However, if you have a Microsoft Office 365 licence you can quickly enhance your experience using other applications.

Outlook / Exchange

You can initiate emails from within the Byte Sized Butchers solution. You can quickly identify all customers that have ordered a rack of lamb from you previously. With a few clicks, you could email them to tell them about a new special offer on lamb.

No complicated marketing tools are needed to do this. The functionality is already there! You just need a licence to unlock it.


If you have ever heard of the term ‘mail merge’ before, it may strike fear into you. But, fear not! If you have a printer and an Office licence, you can create your very own Word documents.

Your customer has placed their order and given you a deposit and asked for a confirmation. With a couple of clicks, you can automatically generate a Word document that prepopulates all their order information.

With our Meat Club, you could again use a Word template to generate a statement of their account with all deposits / withdrawals.


You can quickly and easily export / view any list of information in Excel. If your supplier wanted a list of all products ordered from them, over a set period of time, you can use filters in Byte Sized Butchers to generate the information then simply export into Excel and email across.

Byte Sized Butchers

Byte Sized Butchers is our own custom built Butchers software solution for managing orders and suppliers. Our solution is packed with functionality to make your life easier and reduce your admin time.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Christmas / New year / Easter and Ad hoc orders
  • Meat club (savings club)
  • Supplier management
  • Multiple locations, including off-site availability (if required)
  • Plus lots more

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