Could not find a property named ‘accountidname’ on type ‘’

Today was a bit strange, every-time I tried to open a contact I got Error Code: -2147015424. I was using my own app that has been installed and working for a long while.

When I expanded the message I saw the following.

Could not find a property named ‘accountidname’ on type ‘’

Investigation Time for error code 2147015424

This then confused me as I knew that I hadn’t made any changes and I know I wouldn’t have deleted! I put my detective hat on and this is what I found.

Contact form investigation
  1. The mobile phone app worked!
  2. Different browsers or incognito browser on my computer still gave the error
  3. Opening on a different computer made no difference
  4. When I used the Customer Services Hub the contact opened

Knowing that the entity would still open was both good and bad. I proved that I could still access the records but why did something suddenly change? (I am on the Beta release)

So what next?

Business card in a contact form

I then had every contact form open trying to compare what was in the one that worked and what was different in the other form.

There was no field called accountidname so it wasn’t completely obvious but I did suss it quicker than I feared 😀

The item was basically staring me in the face! The business card scanner. When I had put that on my form shortly after Wave 2 2019 there were fields that could not be mapped over. My assumption is this is what was causing my error as accountidname is actually shown here as an option to map to the business card.

After removing the card from my form (I didn’t use it anyway) everything worked and I could access my contacts again.

There is more work needed as now I need to play with the business card (I spotted a few new fields with busiensscard in them so want to investigate that further) but for the sort term I have my fix.

If you are reading this and it looks like the same problem you are having but you don’t feel confidant to fix yourself please get in touch and we will be happy to help you with this.

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