OOB Actions with Dynamics – Close Opportunities

If you are used to workflows and process you may have noticed that there is a feature called preform action. This is very different to the previous Actions Process as it will allow a ‘non coder’ to enhance more functionality on what they can do with a process.

When you select Preform action there are several Process and Command Actions Available. The list you will see will be different depending on the entity you choose. Subject on what Action you choose an Entity will either be pre populated, set to generic or left for you to choose yourself.

Although specifics are different, the concept of using an action in a process is the same.

  1. Select preform action
  2. Choose the action you want
    • I have chosen the Close Opportunity
  3. Select the entity (if applicable)
  1. Click on Set Properties
  2. A pop up screen will appear
  1. Depending on the Action you have chosen you will be required to populate different elements.
    • You will see if they are mandatory or optional and whether they are a lookup or free text field or whole number.
  2. Identify what you need to populate
    •  Sometime the ‘optional’ can be misleading so don’t just ignore it.
  3. Populate the information and save and close the screen
    • This is the same principle as in other process, you can use the form assistant to pull through values based on the record you are running the workflow on
  1. Activate the workflow
  1. Go and test it.
    • The example we just used is designed to close the opportunity as won
    • The view here is of open opportunities
  2. Select one or more opportunities
    • There are 252 open opportunities and I have selected 50
  1. Run the workflow
  1. click on OK
  1. Un-select the opportunities and click on refresh

So there you have it, how you can use a OOB action in a workflow / dialog. Now you understand the principals you can start evolving. Maybe you want to include it in a workflow that is triggered x amount of days after last modified or when a field on the form is selected. The ways you use it can grow and grow

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