Introducing D365 Life Without Code dot com and also dot co dot uk – our Website is live 🙂

So as I have been writing more and more blogs I then thought about release some managed solutions and files so needed a way to be able to do this so I was ‘brave’ and bought a domain and here we go.

If I haven’t previously bored and told you I am also on the last chapter of my book D365 (sales) Life Without Code – so hopefully this will be released in January 2020 after some more proof reading. This will be fully accompanied by downloadable solutions (another reason for the web site).

To say I am a little bit excited is an understatement!

Anyway welcome to my site and apologies for no blogs this week as I have been busy doing this but now our website is live 🙂

Update September 2020:

I was looking through my old blogs today and saw this when we launched the web. How things have changed in 10 months! We are now in September 2020 and are now a company with 7 people and a very pink and purple branded website. So yes our website is live still but it has a whole lot more functions that before. Together with consultancy and development at D365 Life without code we believe in training. If you are confidant and competent with the application you use then you will get more from it. Although Dynamics can be built in a very user friendly clicking buttons is only a fraction of understanding the application. We deliver different courses and have books to help users bridge this gap. Have a look on our events page to find out more. To complement our course and to provide an alternative way of learning you can also purchase our books. They are are available on amazon as individual books but, if you would like a bundle have a look in our shop. we sell the bundles on a multi buy discount.

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