Check me out – my D365 Life Without Code Facebook is live! Blogs, shops and groups for all your Dynamics requirements is a Facebook Format.

D365 Life without code on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account and can spare a couple of minutes to click over there and follow / like D365 life Without code I would very much appreciate it.

It also means you get my D365 blogs delivered to your social media so what better way to start the weekend 🙂

In other news my contact me page on the web works and my new email address should also get to my inbox.

You will be able to see our shop on Facebook as well. If you want to book a meeting with us use the book now function 🙂

That’s not all, we have groups for our books. If you have purchased a book you will have a code to use to get access to the facebook group. If you have a question on an exercise post in it and people will be able to answer,

Facebook is Live!

Remember you can also follow us / keep up to date at…. Facebook / Linked In / Blogs or sign up for our newsletter D365 Byte Sized