This has been developed by Andrew Butenko – he writes about it in his own blog and from there you will be able to see a link to download it.

In summary his solution will provide the functionality below (although more items may have been added after writing this)

  • Annotation – Delete, Rename, Convert
  • Bulk Operations – Cascade Status, Distribute Action, Distribute Workflow, Update Records
  • System – Duplicates Detection Check, Geocode Address, Recalculate All or Individual Rollup field, Refresh Currency Rates
  • DateTime – Add Business Days, Format DateTime, Split into Day, Month, Year
  • Case – Close Case,  Get Resolution Record
  • Core Operations – Delete, Get Record Id and Logical Name, Qualify Lead
  • Invoice – Add Invoice Detail,  Get Products From Opportunity, Lock, Unlock
  • N-N Operations: Add Member to marketing List, Associate Entities, Disassociate Entities, Is N-N Relationship Exists, Remove Member From Marketing List, Remove Member from all marketing lists
  • Opportunity – Add Opportunity Products, Close as Lost, Close as Won, Generate Invoice, Generate Order, Generate Quote, Get Opportunity Close Record
  • Quote – Add Quote Detail/Close/Convert to order, Get Products from opportunity, et Quote Close, Revise/Win
  • Order – Add Order Detail, Close Order, Convert to Invoice, Fulfill, Get products from Opportunity, Get ORder Close, Lock, Unlock
  • Security – Add User to Record Team, Add User to Team, Is user has role,  user member of team, Is user’s Teams have role, Remove user from Record Team, Remove user from Team, Share Record with Team, Share Record with User,  Share Secured Fields with Team/Share Secured Fields with User, Unshare Record with Team, Unshare Record with User
  • Email – Add attachments to record from email, Add notes from record to Email and Send, Create Email from Template, Send Email to Plain Text Address,  Send Email to Team Members, Send Prepared Email

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