This has been developed by Jason Lattimer – you can find more information on his GitHub page and from there you will be able to see a link to download it.

Jason also has a blog that you can find

In summary his solution will provide Custom workflow actions that deal with date and time values in Dynamics CRM 2015, 2016, & D365/CE (v7.0+)
(although more items may have been added after writing this)

  • Add Business Days
  • Add Days
  • Add Hours
  • Add Minutes
  • Add Months
  • Add Years
  • DateDiff
  • Date Difference Seconds
  • Date Difference Hours
  • Date Difference Minutes
  • Date Difference Days
  • Date Difference Months
  • Date Difference Years
  • Get Second Number
  • Get Minute Number
  • Get Hour Number
  • Get Day Number
  • Get Month Number
  • Get Year Number
  • Get Month Name
  • Get Day Number Of Week
  • Get Day Number Of Year
  • Get Day Of Week
  • Get Quarter Number Of Year
  • Get Week Number Of Year
  • Get Month Start/End Dates
  • Get Quarter Start/End Dates
  • Get Week Start/End Dates
  • Get Year Start/End Dates
  • Is Between
  • Is Business Day
  • Is Same Day
  • Relative Time String
  • ToDateTime
  • To UTC String
  • Set Time
  • Get Formatted Date String
  • Set DatePart
  • Round To Quarter Hour
  • Round to Half Hour
  • Round to Hour

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