If you have been using the new solution designer you may have been ‘frustrated’ with being unable to add in subgrids, quick views or change a two option field to a check box. Let me end your frustration! Not only can you now do all of that but they have given us a little bit more as well 🙂

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If you click into add component when designing your form you will see the new options displayed.

There are two ways that I have found (so far) to add these components onto the form.

1. If you select the item from the menu you can then search and allocate it to a field and then it adds it to the form

2. If you already have the item on the form, click on the field and then on the right under the formatting section click on add component and select what you wish to apply.

I have only tried the flip switch so far (as that works with what I am doing) but I am looking forward to getting on my test environment and having a bit of a play and seeing where they can add something of value.

My only disappointment is the web preview as I can’t see any difference to a normal url field but I will be happy to put it down to user error and will investigate a little more and see what it does.

So like I say above i’d missed these. Not sure how long they have been in but, if you have already had a ‘play’ with them any tips you would like to share?