Today’s ramblings are about fields and how the behaviour is different when you use PowerApps

I have created a solution and added in Accounts. Navigate to the Account Entity and then click on the Fields Tab.

The first few changes you will see is that the list just scrolls. No clicking to go to a new screen simply scroll down and (if needed) click to display the next lot of items.

There are columns for required and searchable so you can at a glance see the information without having to open a new screen.

Again there is a search field top right so you can then search on the name of the field. No wildcard needed.

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Next to the search field you have a filter. the filter changes depending on where you are in PowerApps. In this section you have the ability to filter between all fields, default and custom.

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To create a new field click on the add field button top left of your screen and then, this opens up the field properties on the right where you can start to build your field.

When I was first ‘playing’ with the new format it was at this point I got rather excited (much to the amusement of my colleagues). As you start to type the display name, the schema name is automatically populated.

A week later and I many not be squealing with delight anymore but, I still really like the feature.

Now this may now seem like a big deal but, I think it is pretty exciting.

  1. No need now to delete a schema name and then copy / paste / free type back in if you change the display name. If you have been there you know the pain on this.
  2. If you create a duplicate it tells you as you create it. You don’t have to save to find out.

The concept of Data Types hasn’t change but there are 2 differences. The new format brings you Autonumber (click here to see what I wrote about that) and at this point I am unable to see how to include an image. For an image click switch to classic. Build the field and come back.

They are probably the main differences that I wanted to highlight about fields in the new D365 so i hope you enjoy the new changes.

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I hope you enjoy the new experience on fields. Let me know what you like the most. Have fun 🙂