Change is normally good but, if you have switched to the new Unified Interface in D365 you may be finding a few niggles on where the information is. When you are used to clicking in the same place for far to many years for something to move to a less obvious location is a tad annoying.

Over at ISC Solutions we have started to put together a few mini blogs which could ease a few grey hairs as we have found the pain and got a solution for you to help make that change good.

Our first hair pulling reduction has just been published. Pop over to our news pages for the full article.

However if you want the spoiler for “Dynamics 365 – Where did WorkFLOW Go?” The answer is in the screenshot above…..

There are some more tips ready to pop onto our page including settings and the down arrow but if there is anything you can no longer find in the new format let me know as we may well have found it OR if its a new one we can help you look 🙂

Lets make change GOOD.