Where did WorkFLOW Go? Is this a question you have in Dynamics?

Have you switched to the Unified Interface for CRM? Have you tried to run an on demand workflow but can’t find them on your record? 

If the answer to the above is yes then you may have found this post after googling for the answer in which case I hope this helps 😊

Now there is a little clue in how I wrote the blog title. The clue is the FLOW in the word WorkFLOW. Hopefully with the correct security roles you will be able to see Flow in your toolbar and if you click on that you will then see the on-demand workflows for that entity.


​Now you have found where to trigger the workflow you can hopefully offset the head scratching to find it and enjoy the new ‘sleek’ way to click and go. No longer do you have to select the workflow, then realise you have opened it rather than ticked it to get it to run (and then grumble as you do that too often and you know you shouldn’t double click but do it all the same). 

Now you literally just click, get a pop up, click again and its run. Simple! 


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